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Beekeeping Services

Beekeeping is a multi-faceted enterprise and we just love getting involved in new ideas and projects. Below are just a few of the services or initiatives that we are involved in.  Please reach out to us if you want more information.

Beekeeper Holding a Honeycomb

Honeybee Pollination Services & Apiculture Consulting

Pollination services is when a beekeeper brings their hives onto farms or crops during the pollination season.  This drastically increases the crop yield for the farmer that hires this service, and therefore turnover.  We also consult on on numerous beekeeping related projects.  We believe holistic farming and regenerative agriculture has to use honeybees as a cornerstone to healthy farming and ecosystems.


Bee Removals & Apiary Management

Our Johannesburg based team specialize in ethical bee removal services, where we re-establish the problem hives in a natural area.  We never poison or kill colonies, and enjoy the challenge of difficult removal jobs.  These include high access removals or inaccessible hives (like in concrete walls).  Would you like to be part of urban bee keeping?  Contact us to find out how to get your very own managed honey producing hive on your property.


African Beekeeping Initiative - Empowering Rural Communities

An African social-agricultural beekeeping initiative.  Many beekeeping practices in rural Africa are not very profitable for communities, and definately not eco-friendly.  It isn't the fault of the traditional honey hunter, but more due to a lack of support. Our vision is to make a positive impact through out Africa, by empowering rural beekeepers with modern beekeeping practices, and supporting them through ongoing entrepreneurial and market support.  Help us Beekeep The Change!

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