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Our Beekeeping Story...

We have a simple philosophy. It's a privilege to use that of the natural world. The essence of a beekeeper is in assisting their hives.  By safe guarding colonies from disease, pests and anticipating natural conditions like rainfall (nectar flow) we're able to harvest sustainable products from honey bees. This concept is how our apiaries operate on a day-today basis.

Our big vision is to promote natural environments and African beekeeping.  This is why we work tirelessly saving honey bee colonies through our bee removal services.  We're involved in African beekeeping initiatives, pollination services and apiculture consulting.

We protect and care for our colonies with diligence. The bees let us know when they are ready to supply us with delicious pure natural honey and other honey bee products.  We have spent years developing our product range, so please browse through our honey shop.

Purchasing local honey and supporting local beekeepers we’re not only creating livelihoods, but we’re doing more than we know for the environment.  With your support, we can ‘bee the change’ we want to see in the world.

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